Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#BarkingWednesday ~ Fall Season is here

Fall is almost here! Time to get Diesel ready for the changes in temps. Living in Wisconsin we have all four season. Fall is our time to get everything ready for when winter arrives.
This will be Diesel's first Fall Season - he is 9 months old and I am sure WINTER is going to be a shocker for him.

Here are the five things we have on our MUST DO DOG list to get ready for winter:

1. Arrange the items on the back deck to give Diesel the most room when winter hits. I know the back deck will be Diesel's main play area in winter months. Since Diesel is small and we get a lot of snow...keeping the deck shoveled so he can play will be important.

2. Find him warm clothes to wear for winter months. I have two nice coats I bought at the Pet Expo  - they fit him great.  I need to buy some Paw Boots for him. With the cold and ice I know he will need paw protection.

3. Fall is a great time for us to work daily on obedience. It was a hot humid summer so we were a little relaxed on obedience this summer. Now with cooler temps this is perfect weather for working outside to improve his obedience skills.

4. Stock up on Pet Friendly DeIcer for the deck, sidewalks and driveway. When winter hits in Wisconsin finding Pet Friendly DeIcer can be a hard task.  I like to stock up before the snow arrives.

5. Start spending more time outside each day as the weather cools down to get Diesel used to the cold weather.  Living where you have four defined seasons it is very important to get accustomed to the weather change as it gets colder. Since Wisconsin can have some severe winters - temps to 25 - 35 below zero - it is very important that Diesel gets used to the cold weather gradually.

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