Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bee - Wasp - Hornet Stings

It is Bee - Hornet - Wasp Season in Wisconsin!
           Hornet/Wasp                                   Bee                 

Here are effective ways to help once you are stung:

Bee Sting - It is the best to remove the stinger by scraping the area sideways. A bees stinger is barred like a fish hook. The stinger will come out much easier if you use a side motion to remove the stinger. Make a paste of water and baking soda. Put the paste on the sting - cover with gauze, apply ice and wrap tight. 

Wasp/Hornet Sting - Hornets and wasp do not leave a stinger in your skin. Place a cotton ball saturated with Cider Vinegar on the hornet/wasp sting. Apply ice and wrap. 

So often people say they were stung by a bee...when in fact it was a hornet/wasp. Hornets and wasp sting much more than bees.  

WEB MD has some very good information 
about insect stings.
If at any time you have a allergic reaction to a insect sting/bite seek immediate medical attention.

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