Thursday, September 10, 2015

#Camping ~ First Camping Trip in our Truck Camper

This July 4th holiday was our maiden voyage in our new campers. Our first stop was Sumerset, PA. at the Woodland Campsites located right out of town.  We only stayed one night and did not use any of the amenities so I can only say that we were welcomed by a friendly staff and escorted to our site. Our electric, water and sewer worked great.
Here we are after we set up for the first time. 

My brother lives in Michigan and I live in Wisconsin. We both wanted to hit the road our plan is to take at least one big trip a year together.  Our new family tradition. This trip was our first...both of our campers were brand new. We headed to a family reunion in PA. While traveling down the turnpike our cousin passed us and took our pic. My brother in front and us right behind him.

We wanted to make a pit stop at the Flight 93 Memorial - then we headed to Greencastle, PA to meet up with family. While at Greencastle we stayed at the  Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground for two nights. The campsite was a good size with a small creek running behind us. The bathroom and showers were spotless! Very clean! A nice campground that we would recommend. 

Since our maiden trip we have added a few items to our camper and made a few changes. We have added a Beautyrest Mattress topper making the bed super comfy, a outside awning to the right side of our camper, chair rack, and cargo carrier.  My brother added a step to his doorway and we both has filled our campers up with stuff! 

Knowing we were headed to Yellowstone on September 11th - we planned three camping trips to make sure we would be ready. My brother also planned three camping trips.  After each trip we have added more stuff to our campers.  

I highly recommend that if you purchase a new camper and are planning a long camping trip that you take small trips to get ready. We have camped for years...but each new camper has different needs. Finding our what you and your camper needs will take time and camping trips. With camping you can think something will work well and it doesn't. Camping is definitely a trial and error experience. 

We laugh and say...wonder when we will have enough stuff! STUFF!!!! Gosh we all need STUFF!! 

We are leaving for Yellowstone tomorrow.  Our truck and camper are ready - we are packed and counting down the days....Make sure to check back at the end of the month. I am sure I will have some stories to tell and some amazing pictures of God's Country ~ Yellowstone, Devil's Tower and the Badlands.

Hubby bought a DashCam for our trip ...... so I can only imagine the pics! 

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  1. We have been talking about going camping for a while now, but the summer just got away from us!It looks like you and your family had an amazing time enjoying the beach. Camping is one of our favorite family activities.