Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bright Time Buddies ~ Buy One Get One FREE

I was given the opportunity to review Bright Time Buddies. We were given the Unicorn for review.  

Being afraid of the dark is not age specific. I for one am not a fan of darkness. I do not like a total dark home at night. I am the person with the light on in one of the rooms.  
Isa also is not a darkness fan.

The Bright Time Buddies is a excellent way to have a light at your fingertips.  The buddy is easy to hold and is bright enough to shine the area you are in.  The sense of security you have when you have a light in your hand is amazing. The cute characters make having a light fun. No one needs to know it is a light - only the owner knows.  Which makes it perfect for Isa to take on sleepovers. She has her security light and no one thinks anything about it because it is a adorable unicorn.
Now is a perfect time to pick up some holiday gifts.
But One get One Free Bright Time Buddies
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