Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#Barking Wednesday ~ Knot Out for Long Haired Pets

This week on Barking Wednesday I wanted to share a great comb for long haired pets.
The Knot Out Brush is the perfect tool to help you get rid of those tangles and knots in dog or cat fur that can often be tough to remove. With the ability to leave your pet's hair nice and smooth without touching their skin, this product will have your four-legged friends looking good in no time.
 This product will also help you to save money and time on expensive treatments and trips to the grooming salon. What's more is you won't have to worry about pulling out any fur as knots and more can be removed in seconds, ensuring your pet looks great.

I found that the Knot Out worked very nice on long hair dogs. Larry is a Australian Shepherd with very long thick hair. Combing for him was terror - not anymore with the Knot Out. 
Great holiday gift for the long haired dog on your holiday list.

Click HERE to get your Knot Out

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