Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Matador Pocket Blanket and Droplet Wet Bag

Matador Droplet Wet Bag

There are 100 uses for the Droplet Wet Bag. You can use it for wet clothes, camping, luggage, bathing suits, and etc. My favorite use is... I keep my Droplet Wet Bag in my Jeep. I always know I have a bag with me and a bag that will keep wetness inside the bag. Diesel and I love to hike..but often we get wet. I keep a towel in the Jeep to wipe Diesel dry. The Droplet Wet Bag is perfect to put the towel in. I also know I always have a bag available in the Jeep. Compact and easy to use!

The Matador Pocket Blanket is a must have for everyone. This blanket is about the size of a cigarette pack. When unfolded it is 63in X 44in (160cm X 110cm). That is large enough for 2 to relax or more to sit.

With the Matador I always have a blanket in my Jeep.  Perfect for hiking, picnics, and even nice for cold winter.  Having a blanket that will keep in my body heat is a must if I am stranded in bitter cold weather. Being prepared for winter is a must when temps get down to -35 degrees in Wisconsin.

Both of these will make a PERFECT holiday gift for anyone on your holiday list. 

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