Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport An Unofficial LEGO Novel by Tamony Hall

Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport

An Unofficial LEGO Novel by
Tamony Hall

Rick Brick is an architect who remembers the days when Brickport was gleaming and prosperous. Today, the city crumbles under corruption, poverty, and crime, but a powerful young billionaire has recently stepped in to run the capital. The billionaire demands that Rick design and build a magnificent structure at the center of the city, something to bring the city back to its original splendor.

But the billionaire has ulterior motives. The last brick to be used to finish the building is The Onyx Brick, older than the universe and holding all evil. Once the structure is finished, it will destroy the universe. It’s up to Rick to find The Golden Brick, which holds all good, before The Onyx Brick is put into place. Rick and his friend must cross through a portal and into three different brick dimensions to search for The Golden Brick. From the land of the dinosaurs to deep space, Rick will face great challenges and overcome hurdles with his quick mind and clever brick building. Will Rick Brick save the day? Or will Brickport, and the rest of the universe, be destroyed forever?

This is the perfect book for reluctant readers who love LEGO bricks. Get kids excited to read with this fast-paced LEGO adventure!

Davey is 6 and learning how to read. His reading journey is a struggle. Since Davey loves Lego's ~ Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport is a excellent book to read to him. Making reading fun I feel is key to helping kids learn to read and enjoy reading.

Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport is a perfect holiday gift for the Lego lover on your holiday list.

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