Saturday, December 12, 2015

Economizing On Equipment Can Never Be An Option

There are times, in some situations, when companies can "cut corners" a bit to save on expenses. When it comes to the safety of the work crew, though, economizing on equipment can never be an option.

As it relates to rigging supplies, workers lives quite literally hang in the balance. For

customers that are looking for rigging hardware, they unquestionably must look for the highest quality equipment manufactured on the market, purchased from a company that has a solid, long-standing reputation of quality, reliable service in the industry.

Customers should look for a company, like Westech Rigging Supply, that is a complete rigging fabrication center, not simply a re-seller of rigging equipment, or a company that serves as a 'middleman' between the manufacturer and customer.

The fabrication center builds high quality slings, fabricated to the customer's specifications, on a daily basis. They provide fittings, such as Quick Nub ferrules and wedge sockets, available for installation in the field. In-house fabrication specialization includes wire rope slings, wire rope splicing, wire rope swaging, synthetic rope splicing, chain slings, and spelter poured sockets.

Pull Test Services utilize state-of-the-art equipment to check the safety and reliability of chains and slings, ensuring that all tested equipment is OSHA compliant. All work performed is documented, with an identification serial number assigned to each item. A certificate documenting all testing, and any repairs that may have taken place, accompanies the serial number.

Gears are integral pieces of equipment in the rigging process, and must be maintained to the highest standards. Customers appreciate a company that will have a trained safety expert inspect their gears, either at their location, or at the company site. If defects or damage in the gears is found, companies that rebuild or replace rigging to OSHA specifications can save the customer valuable time and money, and is most certainly an attractive feature.

The highest quality rigging hardware should be available for purchase, provided by the top manufacturers in the world. Items should include hooks, hoist rings, pulling grips, shackles, latch keys, swivels, chain repair links/couplers, eye nuts, and eye bolts. Also, turnbuckles, master rings and links, manhole pins, wire rope fittings, and Crosby S-264 Pad Eyes.

Safety is the most important factor in any job. Superior equipment from a reputable company is one great way a safe work environment can be maintained, and must be every job site's number one priority.

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