Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Inexpensive Weekend Crafts for the Family

Whether it's a rainy day or you would like to do something to bring the family closer together, there are a few super Saturday crafts that don't cost a lot of money. These are crafts that children of any age can do, some with the help of a parent. When the crafts are completed, you can display them in the home or put them in a keepsakes box so that you can look back on them together with fondness.

Most children like collecting coins. Instead of buying a piggy bank, you can make one using a water bottle and a few other small items around the house. Use construction paper to make the body of the pig, gluing it around the water bottle so that it looks like the animal is standing on all four legs. The bank can be made with any color so that it's personalized for each child. Grosgrain ribbon can be used as a decoration on the pig to create hair or clothing. A slot is cut on the side of the water bottle that will be the top of the pig so that coins can be inserted. You can add facial features for the piggy with construction paper. Add 4 ¾ wooden beads for legs and viola!

Listen to the wind by making a chime out of old tin cans. This is a craft project and recycling project all in one. Remove wrappers from old cans, and paint them in assorted colors. Try to paint different designs so that they all look unique. When the wind blows, a rainbow effect will be seen. Attach strong string to a ring that you can find at any craft store. Arrange the cans so that they create a staggered look while in the air.

You've heard of the pet rock, but what about the rock that looks like an animal? Find a few small rocks of various sizes (which can be an adventure with the kids in and of itself!), then super glue a small rock onto one that is slightly larger, and paint the entire creation to look an animal of your choice. You can make cats, dogs, lions, tigers, pigs and more. Make cute faces on the smaller rock so that they are smiling when you put them on a shelf. Another animal friend is made with two white pieces of cotton for eyes that are placed in a clamshell. Add a black dot to each eye for the pupils. You can paint the shells in vibrant colors with a little glitter added for sparkle. Add a little color to the hair with bows that are made from pasta. You want to use the bow-tie pasta to get the right effect. Paint each piece of pasta before adding a small clip on the back with superglue. You can make matching pairs or one of every color and pattern imaginable.

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