Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obol Bowl

I found the best bowl ever!  I the soggy cereal. The Obol Bowl is perfect to make sure your cereal stays crisp. No cereal sitting in milk long enough to get soggy.  

Each morning I fill my Obol with cereal and milk.  The Obol is perfect for holding my bowl while I stand and watch the morning news. Much easier than a regular bowl.
I really like the deep sides that keep my milk in the bowl - easy to walk and eat with no mess.
Made in USA
The Obol is manufactured in the United States, where rent and labor are more expensive. I believe it is important to help keep jobs here where we live with our family and friends and you can be assured the material to be food safe. I also discovered many other uses for the Obol. Try it with crispy crackers and soup or my favorite, cookies with milk. I know you will find the Obol to be one of the most practical products in your kitchen.  It will bring you crispy bite after bite.............Michael Roberts - Inventor   

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