Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#BarkingWednesday ~ Helpful Reminders for Kids & Dogs

This Barking Wednesday I want to share with everyone a few simple rules for children and dogs.  Davey and I love to venture out to the park, walking on trails, and the Farmer's Market. We seem to always meet a few dogs in our adventures.
A few helpful reminders that I remind Davey before each trip:

  • Before petting a dog always ask Mom or Dad for permission. Never just pet a dog!
  • If you see a dog you do not know and the dog is not on a leash - YELL for Mom or Dad and STAND LIKE A TREE
  • If you are given permission to pet a dog always reach down slow and gently pet the dog under the dogs chin. Make sure Mom or Dad are next to you. Never pet a dog when Mom or Dad are away.
  • NEVER put your face in front of the dogs face.

So often kids get excited and forget information hey have been taught. Giving positive reminders to kids before the trip I feel is very helpful.

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