Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#BarkingWednesday ~ Warm Temperatures are Dangerous

Temperatures are starting to rise. This Barking Wednesday I wanted to share some info about Heat Stroke. There are a few things to be really concerned about during warm summer months. Heat Stroke can happen very easy for a dog.  Hair is hot!!!

Excessive exercise in warm temperatures is a MUST not to do. A dogs core can heat very quickly while exercising. Do NOT leave your dog in your car in warm weather. As little as 5 minutes in a warm car can cause heat stroke.  

Notice I am using the word WARM. The reason is ........ 75 degrees outside can cause a dog to have heat stroke after only being in a car for 5 minutes. Running your dog for a mile in 75 degree weather can also cause heat stroke.  So it does not have to be HOT to cause HEAT STROKE.

Signs of Heat Stroke are:
Excessive panting
(All signs are not necessary for your dog to have heat stroke)

A dog's normal temperature should be between 99.0F  - 102.5F. If a dog's temperature exceeds 105F there is serious danger of internal damage.

If you think your dog has heat stroke you can take his temperature using a rectal thermometer. If you are unable to take his temp - contact your vet immediately.  Your vet will instruct you on the method he would like you to use to reduce your dogs core temperature. Only cool off your dog per your vet's instructions. Cooling off your dog in an incorrect way can cause bleeding and clotting issue - which can result in death.

I always era on the side of it is too hot.  Losing a dog to heat stroke can happen fast and is very painful for the dog.  

Never Forget!!! If you are warm then your dog is warmer! 

Be Safe during warm weather

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