Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tips for Relocating and Buying a Home in Southern Florida

Florida is a beautiful, warm state to call home. With its heart stopping views, exciting
attractions, and diverse cultures, it is no wonder that the Floridian real estate market is bustling. However, there are many things to consider when moving to Florida that might be deal breakers for some families. Relocating to Florida is a big decision that should only be made after weighing all of the pros and cons.

Destructive Pests in Warm Climates 
Unlike in cooler climates, pests in Florida are active all year round. There is no winter weather to force the pests into hibernation. This means that infestations and damages occur at accelerated rates; this includes the destructive termite. Termites can destroy the backbone of a home quickly, requiring regular inspections to ensure that no termites are lurking. Termite inspection in Orlando is a thriving business that helps to keep homes safe and sound for local families. 

Extreme Weather Preparedness 

As many are aware, Florida is a hotbed for extreme weather; particularly hurricanes. The closer to a coast that a home is, the higher the chances of destructive winds, flooding, and impassable roads. The family needs a home that has been customized to resist mother nature's wrath. This might include a higher foundation, protective outer window shutters, and water tight doors. The family must also keep lots of emergency food, tools, and equipment just in case of extreme weather.

Snow Is Highly Unlikely 
Since Florida is so far south and very tropical in nature, winter is very, very mild. It is unlikely that snow or freezing temperatures will ever be seen. Winter weather might be an inconvenience to some, but to many it is a welcomed and very well loved season. The snow is rather beautiful and the cold weather allows for winter activities such as ice skating. For those that love to swim and garden, the lack of cold and icy winter weather might be considered a perk. 

Florida has a lot to offer the average family, but there are some aspects to Florida living that some people are not happy with. Since buying a home is such a large commitment, lots of research is advised. It is also possible to simply rent a home to see whether or not a permanent move is the right choice!

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