Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to Find a Vet for Your Dog

If you want to have a happy, healthy dog, you have to make sure they go to the vet. They need to have vaccinations, checkups, and so on. Finding a good vet is not always easy, however. Luckily, there are many excellent online resources, like, where you can find a wealth of information. Alternatively, the following five tips may be of benefit to you.

1. Speak to Other People
You probably know quite a few people who have dogs as well and who live in your area. Ask them for their recommendations. Find out which vet they go to and whether they are happy with the service that they have received. If nothing else, it could help you to figure out where not to go.

2. What Do You Need?
Sit down and think about what you will want your vet to do. Perhaps you have adopted a dog with certain health conditions, for instance, in which case you will need a vet who has experience in those problems. Perhaps you want to breed your dog, in which case you need a vet who can deal with births and puppies and who will come out in emergencies. Or maybe you simply want to get your dog chipped, vaccinated, and de-flea-ed, in which case a non-specialist vet is fine.

3. Go See the Vet
You don’t have to register your dog with a vet at any point. Hence, you should feel free to visit an office and then decide whether or not you want them to become your permanent vet. Just walking into a vet to see what they are about, what the facility looks like, how friendly they are, and so on, will give you a good indication of their quality.

4. What About Insurance?
Veterinary services are really expensive, unfortunately. However, insurance is out there. Furthermore, most vets will have packages that enable you to get your pet health checks, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, and more. This is certainly something to look in to.

5. When Are They Open?
You need to find a vet that is open around hours that suit you. Many vets have very early and very late opening hours to accommodate working people. However, these vets tend to also be very busy during those time periods. Hence, if you are able to come during regular office hours, you may find it easier to get in. However, if you work unsociable hours, then you will need a vet that accommodates those needs. Plus, you need to find out what sort of emergency cover arrangements are in place, just in case your dog gets ill in the middle of the night.

Last but not least, check the vet out with the American Veterinary Medical Association. They will be able to tell you whether the vet you are considering has the necessary credentials, licenses, insurances, and certifications. After that, you should have found yourself a vet to whom you can entrust the medical care of your most loyal companion.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Check out PetSmile

This Barking Wednesday I wanted to share with you a article about PetSmile. 
According the American Veterinary Medical Association, by the age of 3 most cats and dogs will have developed a condition where bacteria attacks the soft gum tissue, known as periodontal disease. This is the final stage in a process that begins with the development of plague on your pet's teeth. This National Pet Oral Care Month, don't let your furry friend fall into this statistic and give them the proper oral care they deserve.

Available to provide her tips for the best oral health care is Dr. Taylor Truitt, DVM of The Vet Set on behalf of Petsmile VOHC Approved toothpaste. Dr. Truitt can share her expertise on the following:
  • The importance of brushing your pet's teeth
  • How to properly brush their teeth to make sure they have no plague buildup
  • Why you should stimulate their gums any chance you get
  • How their diet can play a major role in their oral health

Petsmile is the only toothpaste for pets recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Petsmile's exclusive Calprox® formula is clinically proven to prevent plaque formation and improve your pets's oral health while keeping their breath fresh without brushing, preventing life-threatening pet diseases. Plus, its London Broil flavor is popular with both pets and the humans who love them – making it vet recommended and pet approved.
The Vet Set was founded Dr. Taylor Truitt and Dr. Eva Radke to bring the best veterinary care to your home, office, or hotel in Manhattan and Brooklyn 7 days a week. The Vet Set offers preventative medicine, vaccines, diagnostic testing, health certificates, acupuncture, and hospice care.  With an easy to use app and also telemedicine The Vet Set makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with your vet!  For more info visit:

Guest post written by publicist.