Thursday, June 23, 2016

Five Accessories to Give Your Dog Its Own (Your) Identity

Though this is a little cliché to say (OK, it’s very cliché) dogs truly are man’s best friend. Our furry love bugs greet us at the door with tail wags and kisses every day. They help to get us off to a good morning by waking us up with a little nuzzle. They get all excited and bouncy just to go for a walk with us—can that be said of even our closest human friends?

Pet Apparel & Accessories
Dogs are a breed of a different sort, and no matter their background or past, they are always ready to love you unconditionally. If you’re the type to want your dog to stand out from the pack, check out my top five doggie accessories that will give your dog its own (or your) identity

1. Petmate Microban Pet Bed
As you’ve gotten older, how important is it to you that you have a supportive mattress? Probably right up there with having Egyptian cotton sheets and a contour foam neck pillow. It’s not any different for your dog. As Spot ages, his joints and muscles (just like ours) become stiffer, and as he hits the double digits, chances are he’ll become arthritic. The Petmate Microban Pet Bed offers support in helping your dog get up on all fours easier than if he were getting up off the cold hard floor. Dogs spend an average of 12-14 hours sleeping every day. Don’t they deserve to doze in comfort?

2. Hip Doggie Reversible Puffer Vest
Even though we have hit the warm weather months, we can still prepare for fall’s cool down. If your pooch is reluctant to go outside to for his potty breaks, dress him in the stylish puffer vest. The puffer vest will help even the most stubborn of dogs see the fun in playing in the snow. Wondering if it’s really necessary to dress Skip in a vest? Pet MD says that dressing your dog in a sweater or jacket will promote their well-being because it’s getting them outside in the fresh air. This winter, accessorize with your pooch in matching puffer jackets!

3. Hide-a-Squirrel
We all like the challenge of a good puzzle, and as it would turn out, our dogs do too. Rated as one of Dog Time’s Top 10 Dog Toys, the Hide-a-Squirrel is a plush, stuffed toy featuring a hollowed-out tree filled with squeaking stuffed nut-loving squirrels. Unlike the tennis ball, the Hide-a-Squirrel requires paw-eye coordination and dexterity to search out those pesky squirrels. This toy is perfect for the hound who doesn’t get enough time outside or for the new puppy who can’t wait until they get all their shots.

4. Customized ID Tag
What takes an outfit from drab to fab? The accessories! A fantastic watch or bold statement necklace can change an outfit from business casual to night on the town. Custom pet id tags can do that for Fido too! Is your poodle the princess of the castle? A rhinestoned id tag would help “the peasants” in the neighborhood know her importance. Does your lab love to play fetch? An ID tag sporting the emblem of your athletic team will tell all the other dogs where Sparky’s allegiance lies.

5. Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Polar Trex
Shoes are a staple accessory in the fashion world and in telling passersby a little bit about our personalities. A woman in flats might say she’s serious and doesn’t care for frills. A man in clogs tells people he doesn’t care what people think. But a dog in shoes—what does a dog in shoes tell the world? A dog in shoes tells the world that as a pet owner you want to protect your pets paw pads. During a hot summer Spot’s walks are cut short because the ground is too hot. During a snowy Winter Maggie refuses to step outside because the ground is too cold. The Ruffwear Bark’n Boots protect the paws of our fur children and keeps them loving the outdoors.

It’s only natural to want to spoil our children, and our fur babies are no exception. Make sure they have what they need to lead a happy and healthy life.  

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