Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Turn Your SUV into a Sleeping Camper

Okay here goes …… How to Turn Your SUV into a Sleeping Camper!

It is easier than you think. I love to camp – but I hate pulling a camper plus not enough $$$ to buy myself a RV on wheels and my days of sleeping in a tent are over!

Loving to camp and kayak ~ I had to find a comfortable way to go camping. My 2008 Jeep Liberty was the answer.

By buying a few items I have been able to enjoy camping in a warm rain proof comfy bed.

You will need:
·         SUV Air Mattress – I ordered mine from Amazon
·         Mattress pump - car adapter useful
·         Mattress Pad - (helps keep moisture off of you while sleeping)
·         Sheets & Pillows - Flannel sheets are great for all temps of camping
·         Blanket - large enough to cover entire bed 
·         Electric blanket - a electric throw will work - In cold weather I bring 2 electric blankets - one for on top of the mattress and then one for on top of my blankets. - I have been able to keep warm to 29 degrees using two blankets. (also when the temps are cold - I warm up the Jeep right before I get into bed)
·         50’ Outside Extension Cord
·         Surge Plug - ordered Amazon 
·         Small Fan - ordered Amazon 
·         Zip Ties
·         Rain Guards on vehicle windows - ordered Amazon
·         Skeeter Beaters for Windows - easy to order online 
·         Windshield Cover - ordered a collapsible cover from Amazon
Yes, Amazon is my friend!  Why not let my fingers do the shopping instead of my Jeep and my legs!

After years of tent camping I learned that the secret to being comfortable is to keep the dew off of me.  By using a electric blanket on top of my blanket and sheets – I am able to stay comfy and dew free.  Keeping a window cracked no matter of the outside temperature is also very important. A open window keeps moisture down inside the vehicle.  Zip tie a small fan to the upper hand grip – I like to keep the fan on low – that way air is always moving – preventing moisture. (During cold weather 29 degress - I keep my window closed and the fan off) 
I use a electric surge plug to plug in the fan – electric blanket – and my cell phone.  I use the front seat for odds and ends.  I use the back passenger door as my entrance into my bed. This way I keep my shoes on the floor by the door and also my jackets in the area.

Check out the pics – my good friend also loves to camp – she too turned her SUV into a sleeping camper.
We both love Kayaking and Hiking. This way we are able to enjoy nature – enjoy a warn comfy bed with no worries of getting wet. 
If it is raining when I wake – I reached for my raincoat – sit by the passenger back door – put on my shoes and head outside.  

Mirror Lake Wiscosnin State Park - October 2016

Here we are enjoying Fall Camping and Hiking at Mirror Lake State Park near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  Being able to stay warm and comfy with 29 degree night temps makes for a Happy Camper.
KOA Wisconsin Dells May 2016
I will be posting many helpful camping tips & great parks - check back for 
more Camping Tips!

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