Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Make Fire Starters

To get ready for Camping in 2017 I plan to take advantage of the winter months to get my Fire Starters made. 

I make my own Fire Starters using:

  • Paper Egg Cartons
  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Dryer Lint 
  • Scrape Yarn
  • Used Scented Wax from my Electric Burners
I keep a plastic bag on my laundry shelf - I place all of my dryer lint in the baggie.  I save all used toilet paper rolls and paper egg cartons.  

I have two wax scent burners in my home. Once a week I place in new wax.  I use the old wax for my fire starters.

Easy to Make Egg Carton Fire Starters
  • Take a egg carton 
  • Place dryer lint in each egg slot 
  • Drizzle warm melted wax over the lint in the egg carton ~ then flip over toilet paper roll and pour more wax into the other end.  I pour wax from a burner into each side of the roll. 
Continue this process until the egg sections are full of lint and wax. It usually takes three times to fill my cartons to the top.  
When the egg carton sections are full - cut the sections apart. You will have one dozen fire starters from one egg carton.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starters
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Lint from dryer
  • Wax from wax scent burner
  • Place toilet paper roll on it's end in lid of egg carton 
  • Fill with lint
  • Pour in one burner of wax
  • Flip roll over and pour in another burner wax
I then place the Fire Starters in a large sealed plastic bag.  They work perfect for starting fires.

Place a few of the Fire Starters in the fire pit - add your wood in a tepee design - with the Fire Starters in the middle of the tepee. As the fire grows - I add a few more starters to ensure the fire is set and ready to go. 

Fire Starters work great - the lint burns fast setting the carton and paper roll on fire..the wax keeps everything burning longer. 


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