Saturday, January 21, 2017

Healthy Chew Toy Options for Your Dog

For many years, dogs and other pets have been part of the families all over the world. When it comes to caring for the family dog, the industry surrounding toys, treats and
comfy beds is one that almost hits $100 billion per year. With so many treats, food, toys and other products on the market for your dog, how do you choose which is right for them? Here we take a look at treats that are healthy and a good option for your dog.

Treats for Clean Teeth

Other than brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, keeping their mouth healthy and clean is not an easy task. That is where chew toys and other treats come into play. Dogs love to chew on things and companies have been making rawhide style chews for many years. Other companies have thought outside of the box and realized that elk antlers are an option for dogs to chew on as well. Dog elk antlers can be purchased for just about any breed or size of dog. They are affordable, tough and are going to ensure your dog’s attention is on one thing.

How to Choose the Right Chew Toy

Elk antlers are not just for the fun of your dog chewing on something. They are great for puppies in the development of strong teeth and muscles around the mouth. At first, you might think that the antlers are not safe for dogs to enjoy, but that is not the case. According to articles online, there are many benefits to using elk antlers as a chew toy. Choosing the best antler chew toy for your dog comes down to the breed and a few other factors. Antlers are dense, hard and great for the heavy chewer in your furry family. In many cases, they are naturally harvested in North America and if you do not want your dog to chew on a meat bone, they are the best alternative.

Elk Antler Chew Toys for Small Dog Breeds

There is a misconception that only dogs with large, strong mouths are able to enjoy the dog elk antlers as a chew toy, but that is not the case at all. According to research posted online, small breeds are also going to benefit from the chew toys. A little Bichon Frise might not be able to handle a full, 4 inch antler, but companies have catered to them with smaller pieces and some that are even split for convenience. For dogs that are not used to chewing on antlers, it is a good thing to get them used to it first by offering a softer, split option.

People love their dogs and when they become a part of the family, there is nothing you will not do to make them as happy as possible. Offering your dog something to keep it busy and something that brings healthy benefits to the dog is a great way to ensure your family pet lives a long life of happiness.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Just Holly

I wanted to share a special person's journey with my readers.  My good friend Holly lost her husband of over 35 years to cancer. November of 2015 Holly's life 
changed forever. 

She recently started a new blog Just Holly. Holly's description of her blog is "Widowhood is not for the faint of heart. This blog is dedicated to the survivors, to the strong, to the fierce, who choose to face their pain head on and then to make a life with what little is left of their heart. I believe by doing so, we honor those we loved because we LIVE!"

If there is anyone in your life living the pain of losing a spouse ~ please 
share Just Holly with them. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fun Designs For The Teen Girl

One of the easiest rooms in the home to renovate is that of a teen girl. There are numerous ways that you can change the colors and the designs that are used in the room. You need to take into account what the teen likes before looking at any general contractor leads who can help you get started with any painting or flooring work that needs to be completed. 

A popular color in a teen girl's room is pink. There are variations of pink depending on

whether she likes the cute colors of pastel or darker colors, similar to fuchsia. You could add a beautiful bedding set that is pink with a white headboard so that the pink is highlighted. Pillows with highlights of pink are ideal along with wall decorations with pink as a theme. Try to combine the color with other shades or with one or two different colors that go well with pink, such as orange or green. 

It's sometimes best to work with a theme. This could be a sport that the teen likes or a movie. Decorate the walls with posters and other items that go along with the theme, making it easy to find decorations instead of basing the room off of a color or a pattern. If you own the home, then consider painting a wall with a backdrop from a favorite movie or a scene in a book. One of the colors that is less common with girls is blue. However, with the right shades and the right decorations, blue can be a relaxing color that helps your teen daughter drift off to sleep at night or be in a relaxing atmosphere while doing homework or reading. 

Polka dots or other fun patterns are often easy to decorate with if your teen likes this kind of design. You can get a rug that is a plain color or one that is white or beige with polka dots or stripes in a color that she likes. Use storage containers that are in the same colors as well as a few designs that are painted on bookcases, a desk or on the wall in a fun design. 

If your teen wants a modern bedroom that is a little more grown up, then consider plain walls of one or two colors, a bookcase on the wall that looks like a staircase and a simple desk. You can add a bookcase above the desk for added storage. White is a good base color along with either blue, green or pink.