Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fun Designs For The Teen Girl

One of the easiest rooms in the home to renovate is that of a teen girl. There are numerous ways that you can change the colors and the designs that are used in the room. You need to take into account what the teen likes before looking at any general contractor leads who can help you get started with any painting or flooring work that needs to be completed. 

A popular color in a teen girl's room is pink. There are variations of pink depending on

whether she likes the cute colors of pastel or darker colors, similar to fuchsia. You could add a beautiful bedding set that is pink with a white headboard so that the pink is highlighted. Pillows with highlights of pink are ideal along with wall decorations with pink as a theme. Try to combine the color with other shades or with one or two different colors that go well with pink, such as orange or green. 

It's sometimes best to work with a theme. This could be a sport that the teen likes or a movie. Decorate the walls with posters and other items that go along with the theme, making it easy to find decorations instead of basing the room off of a color or a pattern. If you own the home, then consider painting a wall with a backdrop from a favorite movie or a scene in a book. One of the colors that is less common with girls is blue. However, with the right shades and the right decorations, blue can be a relaxing color that helps your teen daughter drift off to sleep at night or be in a relaxing atmosphere while doing homework or reading. 

Polka dots or other fun patterns are often easy to decorate with if your teen likes this kind of design. You can get a rug that is a plain color or one that is white or beige with polka dots or stripes in a color that she likes. Use storage containers that are in the same colors as well as a few designs that are painted on bookcases, a desk or on the wall in a fun design. 

If your teen wants a modern bedroom that is a little more grown up, then consider plain walls of one or two colors, a bookcase on the wall that looks like a staircase and a simple desk. You can add a bookcase above the desk for added storage. White is a good base color along with either blue, green or pink.

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