Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bluebell has Landed!!!

Yep, landed right in my living room.  Diesel and I are training for our 2017 Kayaking Season.

I belong to quite a few Kayaking Facebook Groups. Since this is Diesel's 1st experience with kayaking - I wanted to make it as stress free as possible.  I posted about Diesel's needing to learn and I received so many great recommendations.

Here is our plan:
  • Each day we sit in our Kayak - increasing the time as we count down the days
  • We wear our kayaking safety devices - which I purchased on Amazon
  • I wear a waist leash that is only for kayaking - losing Diesel on the water is not something I want to do. I purchased a very nice waist leash from Amazon. Before Bluebell arrived I would leash Diesel to me and we would clean house. It was a great way for him to get used to the waist leash.
  • I have simple commands for kayaking: - Jump In - Sit - Lay - Stay - Jump Out and of course LOTS of Good Boy!
  • Diesel always gets in kayak 1st then I follow
  • I always exit kayak first then Diesel follows.

So far training is going great. Diesel is not nervous or excited about the kayak. 

In fact it is turning into the "same old same old" thing we do in the living room.

We plan to make our madden water voyage during our vacation in April to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Arkansas will be much warmer in April than it will be in Wisconsin.

I will have 5 adults there to help get one 25 pound Smooth Fox Terrier to behave while kayaking!  Sounds crazy but this is serious stuff!  I have many kayaking trips planned for 2017 - it is key that Diesel is a worthy Kayaker - he will not want to be at home alone! 

I do have a few modifications that I plan to make on the Kayak.  Inside the areas where Diesel's front paws are - I want to add a non skid rubber to the kayak. To prevent his feet from from sliding.  Also, on the bottom of the kayak I want to look for some type on nonskid covering that I can add - covering that will not be sticky or course on my skin.

I plan to check out all the items this Friday night at Canoecopia in Madison. Canoecopia is the Largest Paddling Expo in the World!   I am positive I will be coming home with lots of fun stuff for our 2017 Kayaking Season!

Make sure to stop back to check out what I bought!

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