Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hullavator by Thule

This week I had my Hullavator installed on my Jeep.  The Hullavator by Thule is the easiest system to load a kayak on a vehicle.

My Jeep Liberty is a bit tall for me to manually load a kayak on top. That and the fact that I am NOT getting younger. Each darn year I get older and older. Like a bad virus! 

Since I am not getting younger I wanted a rack system that would allow me to continue Kayaking or years to come.

Here is my Jeep with my Hullavator and my friends new kayak on top. 

My Jeep with Hullavator and no kayak.

 My Jeep with  Hullavator bars removed - just rack and crossbars
It is a very nice system.  Since I will be using it a lot on my upcoming vacation. I will be posting about what to and what not to do!  LOL  I can only imagine what I will get myself into while vacationing.  Trouble is my middle name!

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