Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Am Ready for Spring!

I am definitely ready for Spring.  This year winter in SE Wisconsin has not been bad - but it has been long enough for me.

New Years Eve my friend and I decided on when and where we would camp for the Spring/Summer of 2017.  Let me tell you we have a fun camping season planned.

I will be camping in April in Hot Springs, Arkansas - my yearly family camping trip. I am so excited to get the camping season on the road.

Last year I purchased everything I would need to camp in my Jeep. After numerous camping trips I feel I have perfected the art of camping in a Jeep Liberty.  This year I did buy myself a car top carrier for the 2 week camping trip to Hot Springs, AR in April.  This will be my first camping trip with Diesel (my 2 year old Smooth Fox Terrier).  This is going to be very interesting. Because Diesel is not only going to learn how to camp. He is also going to learn how to Kayak. Yep, Diesel will be a camping, hiking, and kayaking SFT!

He already has developed some serious Hiking skills. He even carriers his own backpack.   Diesel and I hike at least 10 miles a week.  His favorite times are hiking with my friends and their kids. He loves playing in the snow.

Last week in Wisconsin it was 72 degrees on Wednesday and 19 degrees on Saturday (the day this pic was taken).  Not only was it cold we also had about 2 inches of fresh snow. 

The warm days are fantastic - but they also make me crave SPRING even more!
Only 19 more Days

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