Saturday, March 4, 2017


I love GINGER!  My favorite is Crystallized Ginger made using organic ginger and organic sugar.  It is my go to snack when I want something sweet!

I do not make my own - I buy from the Lagrange General Store.  They make the BEST  organic crystallized ginger!

I like crystallized ginger because of the taste but I also like that it is a natural remedy for my arthritis plus 1/3 cup is about 100 calories.

Being active with arthritis is so important - being able to eat healthily and be active is a win win!

Ginger is know to aid in:
Gastrointestinal Relief
Anti-Inflammatory Effects
Protect Against Certain Cancers

I work at our local hospital Emergency Department.  I have not gotten sick from any of the nasty viruses going around.  When I start to feel like a bug is coming my way - I make a patch of Ginger Root and Salt. I know sounds nasty - and yes it it is not the best tasting thing in the world! But it works! I cut up ginger root into small pieces. I place the cut up ginger in a baggie and then I add about a teaspoon of regular crushed sea salt.   I chew the small pieces through out the day. It is amazing how the salted ginger dries up my nasal cavities. 

A few other ways I use Ginger:
  • I add a few drops of Ginger essential oil in my water once a day. Helps with my arthritis.
  • I add Ginger essential oils to my homemade organic lotions 
If you have never tried Ginger - I definitely recommend you give it a try.

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