Monday, April 10, 2017

Items I needed to start my Kayaking Adventures

Since this is my first year of Kayaking there were major items I needed to purchase.

I started off with buying my Kayak & paddle.  I took advantage of Black Friday and I got a very good deal at Dunham's on both.

Then the shopping started!  

Here is a list of my purchases to get ready for my Kayaking adventures.

  • Life Jacket - turns out I bought 2 - one full vest that is so uncomfortable that I recently bought a NSR Kayaking vest that I love. 
  • Diesel a Life Vest
  • Waist leash for Diesel
  • Life Cushion
  • Tow Rope with buoy
  • Oar hand grips and water splash guards
  • Paddle lead to keep paddle to kayak - with whistle
  • Waterproof bag
  • Waterproof camera - not risking taking pics with my iPhone
  • Cart to roll kayak
  • Buoy for camera
  • Buoy for keys
  • Jeep Rack - Hullavator plus tie downs - locks - etc
  • Decals for kayak
  • Bags to hold items
  • Water Proof Jacket and Pants
  • Water-shoes
  • Tow rope
  • Phone waterproof holder
  • Fanny pack
  • Open netting bag for wet items
  • Foam to cushion kayak sides
  • Sunglasses safety rope - so my sunglasses do not sink to bottom of lake 
  • Small plastic paddle to keep in storage area just in case I loss my paddle
  • Kayaking gloves
  • Kayaking water clothes - clothing that dries FAST
Crazy amount of items - to be safe. All are very valuable!
A few hints:
* I highly recommend that you go to a paddle shop to purchase your life vest. Your life vest is your single most valuable item. Getting the right fit for you is priceless ~  Not only in comfort but also in safety. Connie at Rutabaga Paddlesports helped us for over a hour to find the perfect life jacket for our needs! I never would of thought a quality life jacket could be so comfortable.

*Go to a paddleshop and ask tons of questions - kayaking info is valuable.  My paddle shop of choice is Rutabaga Paddlesports in Madison. They are amazing - their kayaking knowledge is unreal and they offer the best customer service. 
  I can not forget the guys that installed my Hullavator - excellent service! They took their time to ensure that I knew how to work and keep my kayak safe while traveling.  
Here is a goofy pic taken at Rutabaga after they installed my Hullavator!!

*Amazon is a great place to fine odds and ends - reasonable prices.

My Jeep is loaded for my kayaking, camping, and hiking adventure in Arkansas. 

If there is anything I forget ~ PLEASE comment below. 

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