Thursday, June 1, 2017

A New Life: More About Prosthetics for Dogs

It is really sad to see a dog unable to run, jump, and enjoy a full, exciting life due to problems with the limbs. A few years ago, dogs who were born with deformed legs or whose legs were amputated for medical reasons had little to no option of living a full life. Many of them were put down for this very reason, while others end up with conventional carts that acted as extra support.

Today, however, there are so many more options for dogs suffering from leg injuries or deformity. Prosthetics for dogs have gotten really advanced these past few years. Here are the important things to know about prosthetics for dogs.

Custom-Made for Every Dog

The technology behind prosthetics for dogs has become so advanced that it is now possible to make one, or a set, based on the dog’s posture, weight, movement and other details. 3D-printed prosthetics, for example, have been popular among bigger breeds, mainly those who are active and full of energy. These newer prosthetics allow the dogs who wear them to run, jump, and live normally despite their leg injuries.
The shift towards customized prosthetics for dogs really took off when Derby ran a mile on a newly printed set of prosthetics. This proved how a dog who has lost its leg could still be cheerful and full of energy, giving hope to dogs with similar conditions across the country.
Sherry and Dom Portanova, Derby’s adoptive parents, even said that their dog ran faster with the prosthetics. The designs behind modern prosthetics also enable dogs to remain comfortable when wearing them over an extended period of time.


Speaking of comfort, there were several issues with older prosthetics that are now completely solved. In the old days, wearing prosthetics for an extended period of time could cause rashes and other problems. The design of the prosthetics wasn’t meant for extended use. Older prosthetics lacked the good weight distribution and comfort features offered by today’s alternatives.
Modern dog prosthetics are so much better in this avenue. There are more options for specific situations too. Simple fillers are used to solve issues like a minor imbalance and difference in length. The more comprehensive full-limb prosthetics are used to help dogs who have lost an entire leg or suffer from more severe problems.

More Affordable Than Ever

The increasing demand for prosthetics and the advancement in technologies behind them has also led to one additional benefit: better pricing. Dog prosthetics are far more affordable than they used to be, even with the varied customization options available today. It doesn’t stop with prosthetics either. Braces for supporting injured legs are also easier to find and more affordable.

It is an investment worth making in any situation. Seeing your dog run again – and seeing that happy look on his face when he tries the prosthetics for the first time – is a priceless moment. Dog prosthetics are bringing new life to dogs with deformed or amputated legs. The technologies we have today are continuing to improve existing prosthetics too.

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