Thursday, August 10, 2017

A simple act of Kindness

It is never too late to start a new hobby.  I came across a Kindness Movement that I LOVE! It is called Kindness Rocks.   Are you wondering what a Rock and Kindness have in common?  This is HOW....I paint rocks then leave them for other people to find. They can keep the rock, leave it alone, or move the rock to a different location. Once they find my rock the rocks destiny is in their hands. It is my gift to them ~ a way to bring Joy and Warmth to a all too often cold world.

I wanted my rocks to have a meaning expressing something important to me.  One of the things I think that we as a world need so much more of is DIVERSITY. Diversity is key to living in harmony with each other.  

I decided to paint the Tree of Life on all of my rocks.  Big or small - long or short - black or white  all of the rocks will have a Tree of Life.  To me the Tree of Life represents such important values that I feel need to be nourished.

My first three Tree of Life Rocks. Each rock was made for a special location I will be camping at this month.  I will also be leaving rocks on hiking trails and just about anywhere I think a rock would be welcomed or is needed. 

This past weekend while camping I asked my grandson and my BF's granddaughter to find a perfect spot for the Tree of Life Rock at the campground we were camping at.
The only requirement for placement was in or near a tree.   
Priceless Memories 

They are both so intrigued with the act of giving a rock for Kindness that they want to start a regular Rock Painting Get Together to paint beautiful rocks. 
My small way of offering then the joys of giving. 

 If you ever come across a Tree of Life rock with DKL on the back. 
Please enjoy my gift to you!

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