Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kayaking & Camping Mirror Lake ~ Wisconsin State Park

In July of this year we spent a weekend camping and kayaking at Mirror Lake State Park
just south of Wisconsin Dells.  Mirror Lake is one of my favorite State Parks. The park offers excellent hiking. You might remember the post about camping in 29 degree weather - that was Mirror Lake SP.  This year we camped in our Popup and spent the day 

Our campsite was very nice. Close to the bathroom but kind of too far from the water. Next trip to the park we will pick a site closer to the water. No complaints about camping ~ the park was very busy ~ but no issues with campers.

Now kayaking was a different story!  The lake was packed with kayaks.  They were everywhere. Mirror Lake rents kayaks - so many were new to kayaking.  I was shocked at how few wore Life Jackets.  I counted 6 kayaks wearing life jackets ~ out of the 6 we were 3 of them.  Seriously no PFD's were worn. That is so scary to me ~ knowing how fast it can go bad on the water.

I took Diesel with us. It was way too busy for him on the lake. He was not having a good time - stressed the poor dog out.  Dogs also were not wearing life jackets. That too was shocking to me. 

After about 4 hours on the lake we decided to get off the water. The boat launch was crazy busy - so busy that cars were unwilling to wait for people to get off the water before they felt the need to put their boat in the water. Very stressful boat landing. 

Over all the trip was a huge success ~ you know what they say!

A Bad Kayaking Day is Better than a Great Work Day

I give Mirror Lake Wisconsin State Park a 5 Star rating for camping. The lake is a beautiful destination for kayaking.  I will never go again so close to a holiday weekend. Way to many people on the water. 

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