Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our First Popup ~ named Popper

Crazy lady alert!  I have two friends that I always kayak with. We would have to take three cars because we each had our own method of transporting our kayak. Holly and Mary put theirs inside their vehicles and I put mine on top in my Hullivator. Plus, we each slept inside out vehicle.  After one trip of three cars traveling in a convoy - we thought heck we could buy a cheap popup - sleep in it and transport our kayaks on top of it. 

During our first camping adventures I found a popup on a Facebook resale page. On our way home we made a detour and checked out the popup. It was a 1997 Palomino Popup in okay but not great shape.  We bought her for $1200 delivered. A reasonable price considering the sales we have seen in our area. $1200 divided by 3 is only $400 each. A great way to camp and kayak and not spend a lot of money.

She was a little rough inside and outside.  The outside had nasty peeling stripes all around the camper. Drive you nuts coming off stripes! That was one of our 1st jobs to do - Remove the stripes. Sounds easy enough - WRONG!
Hours of heat gun and scraping we finally got them off!  Removing the strips and doing some touch up on paint made a world of difference.

Next was the inside. Many hours spent cleaning and removing mold and mildew from the canvas. Washing her down completely. Every inch of her needed TLC and muscle cleaning. 

The cushions were not the best. When we took off the covers the foam was nasty. 20 year old foam is not good!  The cushion covers were in decent shape - no tears.  We hosed them down with water and dish soap - letting them dry in the sun. We decided to only replace the table seat and back cushions. The reason was that Mary would be sleeping in the table area.  I planned on using my air mattress for my side and Holly wanted to use her air mattress for her side.  Since new foam is pricey with figured there would be no reason to replace the bed foam since we both planned on sleeping on air mattresses.  We found a Foam Company in Milwaukee that would customize cut the foam to fit perfect.  
I have to say the cushions that we replaced the foam in look brand new.  New foam cushions are pricey - doing 2 backs and 2 seats cost us $140. 

We removed the heater and sink section. Removing the sink gave us so much space. We plan on using a small electric heater and fans to keep the dampness out of Popper.

The installed fridge is a ice box - something we wanted nothing to do with.  We plan on removing it during the non-camping months but until then we use the fridge for a storage space for items we need but do not use often. We placed a small fridge on top of the section where the sink was. We took pics of our campsites - had them printed and placed the pics over the holes from the sink. Then we added plexiglass to hold the pics in place - our new small fridge fits on top of the plexiglass. Works great!

After a couple of camping trips we realized that we never sat at the table. So we no longer even put up the table - the area stays Mary's bed. We love sitting outside and when we are inside we each get into our area and watch old movies. Buying a nice TV and a BlueRay were definitely worth every penny. Walmart had great deals - we were about to get both for under $200. 

We kept making list and more list - I am happy to say that I no longer have to make a trip to WalMart before our next trip. Having what you need is key to a stress free camping adventure. 

We just returned from a trip to the UP of Michigan.  The bathrooms were so nasty that we decided to get a porta-potty and a small tent. 

Check back to see our next addition to our camping items. 

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