Sunday, August 13, 2017

ThunderSnap Leash

You guys know I have a crazy lovable Smooth Fox Terrier named Diesel. Diesel is the love of my life but it is a pain to hook him up to a leash. He jumps runs around in circles acts like a complete nut. 
I understand his excitement but it still gets old.  One of the worse things is during this excitement I have attached his leash to his collar tag. When this happens the minute I get him outside he runs tugging on the collar tag. Since the collar tag is not strong enough to hold the leash ~ off snaps the collar tag and Diesel is free to run! 
The ThunderSnap Leash solves all issues with getting Diesel hooked to his leash. It is so easy!
The ThunderSnap uses powerful magnets and a strong ball bearing latch mechanism to connect the collar and leash.
Tested to over 500 pounds of pull force.  I was worried that Diesel could pull the ThunderSnap off - so when I first tested the ThunderSnap I used the new ThunderSnap and his old retractable leash at the same time. I wanted to be sure the ThunderSnap could hold Diesel. He is a hard puller when he wants to run. The ThunderSnap worked great! No issues!
Once in the house it is a simple pull on the grey slide down to release! 
Connects and Releases in a Snap!

Available in three sizes:
  • Small size: 5/8” Wide Webbing; 6’ Long Leash
  • Medium/Large size: 3/4” Wide Webbing; 5’ Long Leash
  • Extra Large size: 1” Wide Webbing; 5’ Long Leash

Here is my baby Diesel hooked up to his ThunderSnap Leash.

It is refreshing to not have to struggle with Diesel to take him out. Makes life so much better.

It is amazing how the little things cause the most stress. Thank you ThunderSnap for making our daily outings a whole lot less stressful. 

Now is a great time to purchase a
ThunderSnap Leash.  

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Money Back Guarantee! 
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