Friday, November 17, 2017

Cracker Barrel Dinner is our Thanksgiving Tradition

It is almost Holiday Season.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is our family traditions.  

For about the last 12 years we enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel.  We love it!  The food is delicious and everyone gets to order whatever they want.  Dave orders Sirloin - Davey orders hash brown casserole and the rest of us have the Turkey Dinner.  

It is funny to me how people say - Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving has to be terrible. If fact it is perfect!!!  We all look forward to the day.  We meet at 2 pm for Thanksgiving Dinner. After dinner Dave takes the kids home and Dawn & I head out shopping. 

I work the local hospital Emergency Department.  I work holidays in fact Christmas night and New Years Eve I will be at work.   

Guess what I am saying is that many of the people screaming "No Shopping on Thanksgiving" I really do not think have ever had a position that required them to work holidays.  When you take the job you known up front holidays are part of the job. 

Also, every year I thank the staff at Cracker Barrel for working on Thanksgiving.  They also Thank us for coming. The staff tell me they love working Thanksgiving - Last year our waitress told me she makes enough money in tips on Thanksgiving to pay for her Christmas shopping. She also told me they fight over getting more hours on Thanksgiving   LOL  Guess the protesters have no idea.

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