Monday, October 14, 2019

Tricycle Time

Thirty years ago if you would of told me that I would buy a Adult Tricycle I would of said "Are you crazy?"  Well, here I am 66 years old and I have a new shiny blue tricycle to ride and I'm as excited as a bug in a rug!

There were three reasons I wanted a tricycle:

1. My balance is terrible.  I have psoriasis inside my ears causing my balance to be off.
2. I have a Smooth Fox Terrier that is my bestest buddy and I wanted to be able to take him on my biking adventures. Diesel is not the well behaved dog you see - he is a barking hyper terrier. Yes, a terrorist terrier! I needed a bike was was stable so I could pay a lot of attention to Diesel and less attention to balancing. 
3. I want to be able to take my bike Jeep Camping.

The Fold-able Tricycle checked off each of my reasons.  I had never heard of a folding tricycle until my brother showed me a pic while we were camping at Manistique, Michigan this past August. I thought what the heck this just might be my answer.

Once I got home I started checking out bike shops in my area.  I was drawing a blank finding a bike shop that even carried tricycles let alone fold-able tricycles.  I got tried of driving to bike shops so I started emailing shops. No luck!

One day in September I was headed to Culver's for some custard. While stopped at the only stop light in downtown Mukwonago, Wisconsin I noticed there was a bike shop named Won-A-Go Biking and there was a tricycle in the window!  What the heck!!!

The next day I headed to the shop to find out all about the "Tricycle in the Window!!"  Kind of like the "Doggie in the Window"  Once inside the small bike shop the clerk got the bike out of the window. It was a Sun Tricycle - but it did not fold.  I needed a fold-able. :( 

Then the clerk began to tell me she was sorry they do not carry fold-able tricycles but if I ordered one - they would gladly assemble it for me and adjust the bike for my size.  She also told me that if needed they could do repairs on the tricycle!  I asked her a few questions about the tricycles I had researched and she gave me her honest professional opinion on which to look at and which to avoid.

I had researched fold-able tricycles and the Kent Westport kept scoring high on all review sites.  The bike had what I wanted and folding was very easily.  The only issue I had with the Westport was that it was a single speed. I was unsure if I wanted a 3 speed or if the single would work for me. The clerk stated that a Kent bike is a good bike and if needed they could add 3 speed to the bike!
The best price I could find for the Kent Westport was Amazon.  Being a Prime Member with FREE shipping it made the sale even sweeter.  My shiny Blue Westport was ordered and on it's way to a new happy home. It took about 9 days for the bike to arrive.  Arrived on a Monday and on Tuesday morning I was at the bike shop with my huge box of tricycle parts.  The wait for the call to pick up the bike seemed to take weeks - when in fact it was only days.

Today, I picked up my new tricycle - I named her Almira from the Wizard of Oz movie.  Won-A-Go Biking adjusted the seat and handlebars - showed me how to fold her and off I went.  She fits perfect in the back of my Jeep.
She folds almost completely in half. Making storage much easier.

Once I got home I took a trip around the apartment complex.  Let me tell you - I definitely need to get in shape for Spring. I am positive I have used muscles that have not been moving in 30 years!!
Good thing I have a huge underground parking garage that I will be able to bike in during the day while the majority of people are working. Because I will need all the practice I can get before heading out with friends and family in April. We are taking a three week camping trip to Alabama - I always go in April so I can get a jump start on Spring!

Next is Diesel in the basket!!! 
Stop back for a few laughs.

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