Friday, November 29, 2019

Pink Christmas Tree ................

Every Thanksgiving after our dinner at Cracker Barrel - Isa, Dawn and I head out Early Black Friday Shopping.  This year we really did not have much on our list to buy.  
We went to Ulta – Isa’s favorite store. Then we headed to Michael's for f crafting items, then onto Big Lots.  
While checking out Big Lots Isa my 16 year old granddaughter sees this PINK Christmas Tree  She loved the PINK tree!  I was like no way!!!   Isa asked “Nana do you think they will have the tree in stock?”  I say “of course they will. Who wants a PINK tree?” 
Well guess what!  Nana was WRONG – The PINK tree is the most popular tree in 2019.  They were sold out and so was every Big Lots in a 100 mile radius.  Isa was heart broken.  Dawn, my daughter told her to go ask if she can purchase the display tree.  Isa took off to find the sales clerk that helped her look for the tree. She found him – he went to the store manager - the store manager said “Sure” - Isa was able to buy the PINK tree floor model.
Isa owned a PINK Christmas Tree!  
After Big lots we headed to Michael's to find ornaments that Isa thought would be pretty on her tree.  A hour later Isa had a basket full of adorable ornaments.
  Nana was WRONG!!!!  
Everyone would love a 
Pink Christmas Tree!

Isa's Pink Christmas Tree 
is adorable!!!

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